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Machine Spotlight - How Our Smart Machine Tool SL 3300YS Box Way CNC Lathe Benefits You

Posted by Keystone Threaded Products on Sep 30, 2021 1:08:37 PM



Smart Machine SL3300YSIn December 2020, Keystone Threaded Products became the first manufacturer in North America with a Smart Machine Tool SL 3300YS box way CNC lathe. 

The capabilities of this cutting-edge machine are vast compared to other CNC lathes. As a result, our customers benefit by receiving cost-effective threaded products that are superior in strength, quality, and dependability — when they need them. In this blog, we explain why.

From Bar Stock to Finished Product Using One CNC Lathe Machine

An operator using a 2-axis CNC lathe machine needs to turn the front side of the bar stock, cut off the part, stop, and set the lathe up to turn the second side (feeding each part by hand, placing them in the chuck, before hitting the start button). The operator will then need to send the part to another machine to be milled.

The Smart Machine Tool SL 330YS lathe can make a complete part from bar stock without the material ever leaving the machine. This means the same finished part can be manufactured using one machine (and one setup), saving time and increasing throughput.  

In general, the SL 3300YS uses five seven axes (X, Y, Z and C on the main spindle and X, Z and C on a secondary spindle) to:

  • Machine the front side of bar stock using the main spindle
  • Use the secondary (or sub) spindle to cut off and pick-off the part from the bar stock
  • Machine the backside of the part using the secondary spindle
  • Expel the completed part from the lathe

Live tooling capabilities allow the SL 3300YS to further reduce production costs and accelerate turnaround times. Outside of turning, this machine can perform a wide range of milling, boring, and tapping operations. It can also create nearly limitless internal and external features, including keyways and polygonal shapes. 

Box Way System and 30-Degree Slant Bed for Strength and Rigidity

The Smart Machine Tool SL 3300YS has a strong box frame and uses box ways that almost completely envelope the ways of the machine. This reduces vibration and makes the lathe ideal for heavy-duty applications where rapid movements are critical. 

Because the guide rails are designed to absorb shock loads, the SL 3300YS can produce precision parts with tight tolerances for demanding industries, such as aerospace, fluid power, and mining. For additional rigidity, the machine is equipped with a 30-degree slant bed.

When machining work-hardened materials like we do at Keystone, you need tough, stable equipment like the SL 3300YS. Otherwise, your final work products will have imperfections like chatter or dimensional variance. Less rigid lathes also produce lower quantities when machining work-hardened materials because they cannot maintain the same rate without sacrificing quality. 




CHUCK - MAIN / SUB - 12" / 8"



SPINDLE SPEED - MAIN / SUB - 3,000 RPM / 5,000 RPM

BAR CAPACITY - MAIN /SUB - 3.54" / 2.17"

The SL3300YS also comes equipped with the latest FANUC controls, drives, and motors.

Contact Keystone to Learn More About How Our Smart Machine Tool SL 3300YS Benefits You

The SL 3300YS creates fully completed, highly precise threaded rods, nuts, and products in less time. This allows us to deliver customers value-priced, high-quality, dependable products that arrive on time. 

However, what we covered in this blog is just the beginning. For example, the SL3300YS also has a helical gear C-axis that allows for extreme precision. We can orient bar stock in any position with a .001-degree of accuracy. We are also researching ways to use cobots to further automate our SL 3300YS processes, thereby promoting even greater efficiencies and throughput.

Interested in learning more about how the SL 3300YS benefits you as a customer of Keystone Threaded Products? Reach out by filling out the short form below!

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